It’s been a while. Sorry about that. Here’s some of the stuff that’s been going on, sorry if this comes across as a mere list of things, I’ll try and remember to write something more personal soon again.
I assure you that things are constantly moving forward behind the scenes, just a little slowly…

Since my last blog post I’ve gotten three vaccinations now along with the disease itself. Luckily in my case the disease was mild (thank goodness for those vaccines!), I just felt incredibly fatigued, like all the wind had been taken out of my sails. On top of that just some mild cold symptoms and loss of smell and taste. Things are pretty much back to normal here on the corona front, but here’s hoping that things don’t take a turn for the worse again.

We’ve finally nailed down our new lineup and we’ll be unveiling it next month in April at our YO-Talo show on the 17th! It’ll be our first gig as a five piece band and I couldn’t be more excited (look out for promo shots later this year). On top of that we get to open for Arion which is a real treat. Links are on the front page “Upcoming Shows” list.

Also we are taking part in an online streaming event called High Taste At Home which is being put together by Images & Words: The Prog Discord and Invicta Media. It really feels great being on the same bill as some of the coolest emerging bands in the progressive scene. I listen to many of these bands regularly, and so should you! We’ll be shooting a short set of about half an hour in June which will feature a totally new song from us. We’re hoping to release it around the same time as well. Check out High Taste At Home here: https://linktr.ee/hightasteathome

Check out Images & Words: The Prog Discord if you use Discord! It’s an amazing inclusive community full of great people and music. I’m in there all the time for a reason.

Behind all these cool things I’m working on new music. It’s coming along nicely and the plan is definitely to start recording our next full length album this year, I just don’t want to rush anything. We have about five new killer songs lined up for the album already though! Just a little more…

See you soon!