Are you ready?

We have officially finished work on the next Joviac single!

We started the recording process in February, finished it in April and I mixed it myself. It was a little daunting since I hadn’t mixed anything in years. Actually the last thing I mixed was our song, State Of Mind! I think it turned out great though, and you can hear for yourselves very soon! We’re currently planning the release with a very close release window in mind. I mean if I could pick, I’d just release it Here And Now (heh) but of course we don’t want our hard work going to waste so we need to coordinate a bit. Oh right and there’s another single coming your way later in the year 🙂

Meanwhile the corona situation here seems to be slowly calming down. I already got my first dose of the vaccine (Pfizer gang represent) and the second one is set for the last week of June!! I really hope this all means we can start looking at and booking shows soon again. Keep your fingers crossed, we certainly are.

We’ve also found a new guitarist candidate, so the band is growing again! We’ve settled with a keyboardist and I’m feeling very good about mr. 2nd guitarist. It’s still in the very early stages and we’re releasing these two songs as the three piece that you know and love, but eventually when the next album becomes relevant, we’ll look at introducing you to the new guys.

I hope you’re all doing well and that you and your loved ones are healthy.