Back to the drawing board

So summer came and went. We had a small two month corona-free window which was glorious even though most places were closed at the time. Last month we were also able to play two amazing shows and perhaps it’s because of the pandemic situation, but I think I’ll always remember them as a taste of what I hope will one day be our normal. A big thanks to Everwave for being there for us on both gigs and External who did a great job at the YO-Talo gig. It really felt like a homecoming. We were able to sell enough tickets to break even during these uncertain times. I’m super proud.

But like I said, summer came and went and so did the brief corona-free window. Now the big C is back in full swing and the country is slowly shutting down again. I feel so bad for my friends working in the restaurant/bar industry and especially for the ones working in the event industry. I will not mince words, they’re fucked.

I’m very lucky in the sense that my job hasn’t changed much at all, things are going ahead as normal at Audiospektri Finland. I’ve also started a new hobby! I’m now a Twitch streamer. I’m really thankful that I have a couple friends who know about how streaming works and about Twitch as a platform and that they’ve been kind enough to help me out because I don’t think I’ve ever felt this old. It’s all still new to me, but thus far I stream songwriting/music on Monday’s and Friday’s and Nintendo Switch gaming on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and randomly on the weekend. If you want to check out my channel and my schedule go here: .
I haven’t advertised the channel anywhere yet because I’ve wanted to get it rolling before shouting about it on the rooftops. It’s already yielded some good results though! I finished a new song today thanks to the songwriting stream! I find that I’m a little bit more efficient when it comes to songwriting when I stream. I focus more on moving forward instead of faffing about trying to nail some single detail. I still do that, but less now.

On top of work and streaming we are meeting this Saturday to look at two songs that we’re recording this winter. Our plan is to record 2-3 singles this winter so we can release them separately throughout 2021 so I can buy myself a little more time to write our next full length album. Our hope (and I know I’m not alone in this) is also that once it’s time to release the next album, the big C will be mostly dealt with so we can hit as many stages as possible!

Hope you and you’re loved ones are all safe and doing well.