New website and blog!

We’ve updated our website to reflect our upcoming album, “Here And Now”. You can preorder it now from the link on the front page! This site will serve as an all-in-one hub for all things Joviac. Here you can find links to our social media pages, news, videos, gigs, etc!

It’s a very exciting time for us, things are moving forward in a great way. My idea for this section of the site was to have a very informal blog for my ramblings for those of you who want to know what’s going on behind the curtain. There’s a lot of advertising and buzz going on, which I know can get old really fast, so if you want to know what’s going on in a more humanised form, this is the place. If I remember to keep posting that is! The Joviac Journal vlog videos used to be for this purpose, but especially now when there’s so much to do and we’re super busy, it’s hard to find the time to shoot and edit them to be honest. I still want to do more videos and visual stuff, but we’ll see how my time management goes…

So right now we’re trying to push the new single, Straws, as much as possible. I’m basically spending most of my time on social media, which is both exciting and surprisingly draining at the same time. I have to schedule breaks and be mindful with my energy so I don’t burn out. It’s tough because obviously I’m very passionate about what we’re doing! If you want to help us out and if you like Straws, keep listening to it and sharing it! It really makes a difference.

What’s next? We’re releasing the next single from this album in five weeks. It’s the album’s title track and it’s been dubbed the “prog epic” of the album due to the fact that it’s almost nine minutes long and has many different parts and vibes. It also has a guest guitar solo by an amazing guitarist that many of you may or may not be familiar with, not spoiling who it is though, just wait and see 😉

We’ve also booked a great venue for the record release gig! I’m really excited because it’s been a long standing dream of mine to play there one day. Stay tuned for the announcement!

A _HUGE_ thank you to everyone who has already listened to our new single, your support means the world to me!