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Finland is known as the land of metal, but so far has yet to offer the world a breakthrough progressive metal act. Joviac has been working tirelessly since 2017 to change that.
With the singular vision of combining the compositional freedom of
progressive music, the full range of human emotion, addictive
hooks and crafty arrangements, the end result is a versatile and
deep marriage of catchy riffs and melodies with a conceptual and
thoughtful twist.
The band has released two albums to date with the latest full-length
“Here And Now” reaching the #8 spot on the official Finnish charts for physical albums!
With a new album locked and loaded, the band is getting ready to take yet another leap towards its goals.
Viljami Jupiter Wenttola – Vocals, Guitar
Antti Varjanne – Bass
Johannes Leipälä – Guitar
Tuomas Honkkila – Keys